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Surf Hire & Lessons

Piran Surf Hire Rates

Days Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Extra Days
Softboard hot surf 69£15.0025.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£45.00£50.00£5.00
Hard EpoxyBIC /Hot surf £20.00£30.00£38.00£45.00£50.00£55.00£60.00£5.00
Hard LongboardBIC/ hot surf£20.00£30.00£38.00£45.00£50.00£55.00£60.00£5.00
BodyboardsADULTS Pro Slick £10.00£15.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£5.00
BodyboardsKIDS Pro slick £10.00£15.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£5.00
Wetsuits  kids Summer 3/2 Full suit£10.00£15.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£5.00
Kids winter4/3 winter £12.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£45.00£5.00
Adults suitsSummer full 3/2£12.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£45.00£5.00
Winter 4/3 Winter £15.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£40.00£45.00£50.00£5.00
Gloves 3mm£5.00£10.00£15.00£20.00£23.00£25.00£28.00£2.00
 Boots 5mm£5.00£10.00£15.00£20.00£23.00£25.00£28.00£2.00
Hoods 3mm£5.00£10.00£15.00£20.00£23.00£25.00£28.00£2.00

You can book your hire on our shopping page , go to surf hire and you can book today.

We only hire top quality branded equipment for our customers.

We have over 200 boards in our hire fleet making us one of the biggest hire shops around. All sizes of surfboards available from 5″8 – 9″2 in softboards and hardboards  also customs include Firewire, handmade shortboards mini mals.

We can cater for large groups as we have such a large selection  but please call us to avoid disappointment.

Surf Lessons

£30.00 per person

Our lessons start with 20 minutes of theory in our classroom on safety ,rips and equipment. Then you,re off surfing for 2 hours with our instructor and standing up by the time our instructor leaves you 2 hrs later. After this you can keep your surfboard and wetsuit for the rest of the day as we believe practice makes perfect.

What we do different to other schools

Well we  only take out small groups (max 10)  as large lessons  just don’t work , also we try and get similar ages and abilities going on the same lesson. Keeping your surfboard and wetsuit for the afternoon really help you progress.

We can do private lessons , “one on one” and cater for Stag / Hen partys and large groups.